We fear Rejection, Want attention, Crave Affection, and Dream of Perfection
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"I am a big girl. A voluptuous, curvy, dress-wearing lesbian. I love my body; it’s the only one I’ll ever have. I eat a lot of greens and work out and drink gin martinis and put M&Ms in my froyo and sometimes I don’t do anything but watch Project Runway. I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all of those things, and so are you. Own your good and bad, and all the scary parts that you’ve been covering up because it is yours and no amount of judgement can tell you how to love your body. In the words of Sonya Renee, the body is not an apology. You are magic.

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That time that you took an afternoon nap and work up when it was dark outside #sleep #jumanji #accuraterepresentation #gpoy #guessowastired

“You don’t need a relationship to be complete. You’re complete because of who you are, and not because of who you are with.”

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Nothing like waking up to a little panic, Miguel decided we were going to play hide and seek this morning. … He just forgot to tell me… I also would like to point out that he chose this shelf rather that the Harry Potter right next to it…. seems I have my work cut out for me. #catsofinstagram #newcatmon #panicked #books #notamused #puttingcatnipinthehpbooks

“I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they’re going to matter to you.”

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Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.

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I’m in the Tardis #drwho #whovian #nerd4life   (at The Pandorica)